639 W. Isabella Rd.

Midland, MI  48640


About Us

Living the American Dream.....well perhaps not, but all the same we are trying to make a go at it.  Both the rocks and scuba started as hobbies, and with any hobby we were always looking for ways to minimize the cost.  We dabbled in selling a few things here or there, but when we finally had rocks spilling out of our garage (literally) we knew it was time to downsize....at least a little.  So we stepped it up and took our sales to the next level, online.  This worked for a time, but it was lacking in people personallty. Plus in our hearts we knew we also wanted to open a scuba shop.  So, taking a leap of faith, we opened a rock, mineral and fossil shop, taking our online sales to a true brick and mortar store.  We have been open since December 2013, with the scuba portion starting in November 2015. And while we have growing pains, we are growing... every day.  There isn't a moment we don't enjoy all of the people we meet or regret our decision.  We are truly lucky to be a part of both worlds, exploring the land and the sea.

Great Lakes Underground